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This page is about 8 in words. Yet, we not only show you how to spell 8, but also give you some facts and figures about this number. Read on to learn the spelling of 8 and how to spell 8 as cardinal or ordinal word. If you have been looking for the word 8 or 8th in words then you are right here, too.

8 in words is eight.

For example, if you have just saved the amount of 8 dollars then you can write or say:

“I have just saved eight dollars”.

Eight is the cardinal number word of 8 which denotes a quantity. We say or write eight as part of a speech or in a sentence when counting objects.

If you want to express rank in a sequential order, or position, e.g. that something or somebody is 8th, then you use the ordinal number word for 8 which is eighth; the 8th spelling is eighth.

8th in words is eighth.

For example, we live in the eighth house in the street. In this sentence, eighth is the adjective.

Of course, all the above only applies to 8 in English. And eight in numbers is 8. If you want to know more numbers in words then you can find them by using the search form right below.

How do you Spell 8?

You already know the answer to how do you spell 8? 8 spelled out is eight. Next you can find some facts about the number 8:

  • 8 is even
  • Eight is a composite number
  • 8 in English spelling has 5 characters
  • Spelled backwards, eight is thgie
  • 8 is the natural number preceding 9 and following 7

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Spelling of 8 in Words

To sum the spelling of 8 in words up:

8 written as cardinal number word is eight, and 8 in letters as ordinal number word is eighth, abbreviated as 8th, or, using a suffix, 8th. Both, eight and eighth, are English numerals.

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